School Handbook

(Policies Effective as of 1/1/22)

Absences: Email to inform BCB of absences.

Announcements: All school announcements and news will be posted on the BCB homepage.

Air Quality Index (AQI): When air quality is Orange that is "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups," BCB recommends that sensitive students wear K95 masks or sit out and observe class. When air quality is Red or above that is "Unhealthy for Everyone," BCB will cancel classes. Students may make up in another class of the same level if it is available on another day.

Attire: Uniforms are required at BCB. Please refer to the Attire page for more information.

Attendance: A class may be shortened or cancelled if only one or two students arrive for class.

Ballet Supplies: BCB requires a uniform, supplies to put hair up securely, and all necessary shoes, flat or pointe. For the students safety, pointe shoes must always be fully sewn and workable (hard) for class and rehearsal. Students without proper working equipment may not participate.

BCB Responsibility: The studio will open 15 minutes before classes begin. BCB is responsible for students for 10 minutes before and after class. Charges may be made to parents who leave their child at BCB. Students must have a note from a parent to be excused from the premises when in BCBs care. BCB is not responsible for students who leave the premises without permission for any reason.

Cell Phones: Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom or rehearsals.

Class Size: BCB reserves the right to cancel or merge classes as necessary. Most classes maximum per class is approximately 10 students.

Commitment: Once registered, BCB expects students to be committed to their classes and to keep their rehearsal agreements even if they conflict with other activities.

Conduct: Students at BCB are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined, respectful and courteous manner. The school reserves the right to suspend or withdraw service from any student and family whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory.

Disciplinary Action: If a students conduct is disruptive or disrespectful, the student will be asked to sit out of class. If this occurs two times, the parents will be contacted and further disciplinary action will be determined.

Emergency Cancellation of classes: If BCB must cancel for emergency reasons, families will be offered make-up class options.

Entrance: Entrance into the Pre-Professional program is decided on by the Artistic Director beginning with Ballet 1. New students must audition.

Evaluations: are available upon request.

Faculty: Particular faculty members are not guaranteed for specific classes. No refunds will be given for a change in faculty.

Illness: Students are encouraged to attend and to observe class. Refunds are not given for loss of classes due to illness. Parents must email if a student sits out due to illness or injury for each class missed. Missing classes may lead to changes in class level and/or casting.

Information: Please direct all questions to the BCB office by emailing

Injuries: Contact BCB for recommendations of dance medicine specialists. BCB works in collaboration with several doctors and physical therapists for treatment plans and modifications to training.

Late Arrivals: For the safety of the dancer, students arriving out of uniform or more than 10 minutes late will be asked to observe rather than participate in class.

Make-Up Classes: There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes for the Pre-Professional Program. All other students can make-up in a class of the same level/age if it is available. Please email BCB for make-up class inquiries.

Nits/Lice: BCB has a no nit policy. Students with either may not continue with classes until treated. BCB recommends Love Bugs ( Love Bugs offers free evaluations. BCB requires certification from Love Bugs that the student is nit free to continue with classes.

Observance of Classes: All classes and rehearsals are closed to observation. Visiting Days and Performances are scheduled for Pre-Ballet and Ballet Basics students on the final day of each Session (unless notified of changes).

Parking: There is no parking at BCB. Free, unlimited parking is available on adjacent streets. The parking lot is for employees only.

Photos: By enrolling families agree to release any claims on photos or videos taken of their student while they are participating in any BCB event, performance or class and that these images may be used for publicity or promotional purposes.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off: BCB has limited space and parents are requested to drop-off and pick-up students. Parents are encouraged not to sit in the lobby during classes and will be called if necessary.

Pre-Professional Dates to Remember: Please refer to the Calendar for three annual events: Nutcracker, Spring Concert, Summer Concert. These events are part of the training curriculum.

Pre-Professional Summer Workshop (June to July, Ballet 1-6)): is a highly encouraged, but optional, intensive program. This workshop gives the student 150 more hours of experience in dance, dance related classes, and performances. Attendance and progress in this program can effect class placement and casting. Entrance by audition only.

Pre-Professional Ballet: Pre-Professional students may not take classes or private lessons at other schools while enrolled at BCB to maintain consistency in their training. Private teaching and coaching is available upon request at BCB (additional fees apply).

Promotions/Class Placement: Students are placed in classes according to age. Students stay in a level for at least a year and are promoted if the necessary skills in ballet technique have been accomplished. Some students may be asked to repeat a year if they have not accomplished the technique necessary for advancement.

Pre-Professional Promotions/ Placements/Casting: are decided on by the Artistic Director based on technical progress, physical capabilities, self-discipline, self-expression, consistency of attendance, commitment, and professional potential. These decisions, which are non-negotiable, are based on the proper development and safety of the dancer.

School Store: The school store is accessible from your BCB account. Items for sale are limited to BCB school sweatshirts.

Security: Is important to BCB. Only registered students and their families are allowed on BCB property. Please notify BCB of any strangers who enter the premises. All doors, and the front gate (on occasion), are locked during classes. Please knock or email to enter.

Tuition: Is subject to change at any time.

Wait-List: If a class is closed a wait-list will be offered as an option.