Required Class Attire

Recommended Retailers
MoveMe Boutique
2747 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94802
(510) 883-3999

All links below will lead to MoveMe Boutique’s website. Orders may be placed online and be mailed or picked up in the store.

Discount Dance
Contra Costa Dancewear
SF Dance Gear

Long hair must be pulled back neatly into a ponytail or bun. Hair that is not long enough to be pulled into a ponytail should be secured out of the student’s face with a headband or clips.

No jewelry should be worn.


Dance With Me
Any leotard, tights, and ballet slippers

Pre-Ballet and Ballet Basics
Purchase items here

Pink tank leotard (options below)
     Capezio Girls Economy Tank Leotard
     Theatricals Girls Cotton Dance Leotard
     Bloch Child and Toddler Basic Tank Leotard

Pink tights
     Theatricals Girls Footed Tights

Pink ballet shoes
     Leather, full sole

Optional Warm-Ups 
Pink Ballet Wrap Sweater
Pink Leg Warmers

White form fitting t-shirt
Black tights
White socks
Black ballet shoes


Child Ballet

Any black leotard
Pink tights
Pink ballet shoes

Optional Warm-Ups 
Pink or black ballet wrap sweater
Pink or black leg warmers

White form fitting t-shirt
Black tights
White socks
Black ballet shoes

Adult Ballet
Any form-fitted clothes (leotard and tights, leggings, etc.) and ballet shoes. 


Pre-Professional Program
Purchase items at links below.

Leotard – Mirella Scoop Front Camisole Leotard, available in Child and Adult sizes
Ballet 1 - White
Ballet 2 - Lilac
Ballet 3-4 - Royal
Ballet 5-6 - Any style black leotard

Tights - Capezio Seamed Professional Mesh Transition Tights in Classical Pink, available in Child and Adult sizes.

Shoes – Bloch child “Dansoft” Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes in Pink
Ballet 6 may wear any canvas split-sole shoes in Pink
If new shoes are not needed at the beginning of the school year, BCB recommends purchasing them closer to Nutcracker or Spring Concert.

Skirt (Ballet 5-6 only) – Mirella Adult Chiffon Wrap Skirt

Optional Warm-ups (Pink for Ballet 1-4, Black for Ballet 5-6)
Ballet Wrap Sweater
Leg warmers

T-Shirt - White, form fitting. Cotton or performance stretch is okay.

- Black

- Freed Ballet Socks

Black shoes
- Bloch child “Dansoft” Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes